Structure of roadmap

  • The domain
    • Contains one or more goals
    • Correspond to a theme of goals (genetic, clinic, fundamental, ...)
    • Has a "report page"
  • The goal
    • Belongs to a domain
    • Contains one or more milestones
    • Has a description
    • Can be linked to other goal
  • The milestone
    • This is a step of work
    • Belongs to a goal
    • Can be linked to other milestone or to the goal it belongs to
    • Has a description

How it is presented

  • All entities (domain, goal and milestone) have their own page
  • Each page contains a diagram which present relations between the entity and it's goals or milestones
  • You can click on a box to go to the related page

How it can be updated ?

  • Directly from the application
  • Need a special account
  • All diagrams can be edited (zoom, position of boxes) and captured in database
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