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Code Code title
R4.13 Huge differences in structure, process, quality and delivery of diabetes care between European countries
R4.14 Advances in diabetes treatment or new drugs or new devices can only be implemented if society is able to support such treatments
R4.15 Lack of appropriate animal models to study fetal programming, fetopathy and embryopathy
R4.16 Barriers in the multidisciplinary approach to guiding people with diabetes through health care structures (e.g. referral from primary to hospital care and back)
R5.01 Assumption that nephropathy in type 2 diabetes is the same as in type 1 diabetes
R5.02 Lack of access to human tissue through large accessible biobanks
R5.03 Lack of large-scale European research networks to generate large international studies
R5.04 Lack of multidisciplinary collaboration
R5.05 Lack of animal models to sufficiently mirror human disease
R6.01 Biobanks and biosample collections
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