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R4.03 Practical and ethical challenges of locating research participants among diverse groups
R4.04 Lack of birth cohorts and registries with repeated examinations for long-term follow-up studies over the life-course
R4.05 Lack of large European diabetes networks
R4.06 Fragmented electronic medical records, even within a single institution
R4.07 Lack of specific bioinformatic software to analyse and integrate multiple data
R4.08 Gap in professional skills
R4.09 Lack of appropriate specific professional training and education
R4.10 Resistance to implementation of large-scale clinical research in the setting of usual clinical care and fragmentation of usual clinical care from the tradition of clinical research
R4.11 Drug regulatory issues: paediatric drug approvals lag behind adult decision-making in the regulatory pathway
R4.12 Partnerships between academia and industry (both pharmaceutical and other industry) are needed
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