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Code Code title
R1.05 Ethical issues about use of routine data for aetiological investigation
R1.01 Ethical challenges of preventive trials in children
R1.02 Reluctance of policymakers to evaluate policy
R1.03 Intellectual schism between disease prevention and health promotion strategies
R1.04 Willingness of scientists to play individual small role in larger activity and the need for methods for determining output of European scientists giving credit for collaboration in larger activities
R2.01 Limited access to human beta cells/islets/pancreatic tissue from diabetic and non-diabetic (and obese and pregnant) individuals
R2.02 Lack of beta cell-specific surface ligands and safe labels of such ligands that have sufficient tissue signal penetration
R2.03 Lack of a unified European Union stem cell strategy
R2.04 Ethical and regulatory issues
R2.05 Modern methods of maintaining myotubes, neuronal cells and intestinal tissue in culture
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